Jasmine, 45, twelve years as a medium and counselor

«I see flashes, without the need for cards or any other support. But people calm down faster and easily when manipulating cards and making a draw. The cards are here to release the stress of the reading.»
«I see short movies», says Jasmine.
«I describe these flashes of intuition, or short movies, to my clients.»

Does the medium or psychic can give more details, or is it related to the gift of the practitioner?

«Sometimes it can be very specific», says Jasmine. Someone wanted to know if a book would be published. I replied:
«Yes, with a two lines title.» It was a surprise since the title was supposed to be very short.
«The book was finally published with a long title!»

Announcing bad news : what to do before consulting an astrologer or a psychic? you need to get ready to hear the unexpected.

If you are distressed by the sight of a practitioner, do not hesitate to share and discuss it with him in any way possible.
«It’s always better to talk about the problem with your counselor», said Jasmine.
«I ask my patients if they need to get in depth for a question they have. Dialogue and time are the best remedies against bad news. When I announce a challenge to someone, I provide him with my email address so we can continue the dialogue until the problem is solved»

Men and women do not consult us for the same reasons!

«Between 35 and 75, they come for their business, with a picture of their house to come or a written plan, and they ask me if I see a success or a failure», says Jasmine.
«Young men from 20 to 35, consult for their relationship problems. They ask me especially when they are going to meet someone.»

People are not ashamed anymore to consult a medium or an intuitive counselor, This is a new trend.
Sometimes they even come as a couple!

«It’s obviously more difficult», says Jasmine.
«It requires the two people to come with a common problem. In no way I will reveal their future in front of each other!»
Said Jasmine
«Someone was desperate to find her prince charming», says Jasmine.
«But I saw someone very close to her. When I described the person, my client knew who I was talking about – a short man, slightly bald who was courting her, but she did not want him.»
«For me, It was an evidence, he was the man for her. I encouraged her to try again.
Today they are married, they have two children and they are both consulting me!»