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She gives reading sessions in an apartment, where nothing either a wall hanging or a trinket, will recall the stereotypes of the profession. Jasmine, in her elegant forties, dark red lips and black eyes makeup is a clairvoyant. She quit, six years ago, the fashion business to live her gift. With three stars (the best rating) in clairvoyance Guide (kind of Michelin Guide for mediums) written by an expert, she enjoys a good reputation among the psychic afficionados. But who are these people who flock to her door, forcing any new comer to make an appointment more than two months in advance? What do they ask her? What does she tell them?

Here are the Answers: Twenty-four hours in the life of a psychic.

Relaxation. to be a clairvoyant is exhausting. All mediums will tell you the same thing, and Jasmine is no exception. So she sleeps “a lot”, eight to ten hours a night, wakes up at at 8:00 and spent much of her morning to relax. But while most of her peers invoke meditation, relaxation therapy, ying yang, Jasmine prefers shopping and “lunch with her friends.”
“People who come to me are often very depressed, they live very hard things. I need to change my mind by spending some relaxing time during the day. ”

Part of her morning is devoted to phone calls. Jasmine calls back everyone who called her reception desk. “Some of them want an immediate advice about a specific situation. Some are clairvoyance junkies, they will  see 4 or 5 different clairvoyants, and do not want to decide anything without consulting us. My advice is to come one to four times a year at most. “On the phone or face to face, the type of questions are immutable.” First and foremost the relationships: Will I meet someone, is my husband or my wife cheating on me? Next is job related, money and investments, inheritances. Then health, physical or mental. I have so many consultants not feeling good about their lives. They will often see a shrink at the same time, and ask me when things will get better.
“Working in the sixteenth quarter, Jasmine have a diverse customer base”: Businessmen, Professionals, but also many people from modest backgrounds. She still receives more women than men, the age of her “patients” is between 30 and 55 years in average..

‘Flashes’. It is 2pm. Jasmine begins with her first session of the day. Each session is about three quarters of an hour and will costs 120 euros. She sits at her desk, a black wooden board on trestles. To her right, four decks of cards that she will let you use. “It’s just a way for the consultant to let go. I do not read the cards, I read the person” As soon as installed, she starts.” I see very good things on the professional level. a Promotion. “Without any apparent order, reflections on the past and future keep coming one after the other. Jasmine says she receives “flashes”, visual or audio. “She saw right away that I was gay, and she described the neighborhood where I hang out in Paris, says William, 31 (1). It reassured me and confirms my idea of fate, it proves that we are not only an assembly of molecules and atoms “The young man, who has a good job in the financial sector, said he had come “out of curiosity”, on the advice of a colleague, Frederic, 28 years. The latter describes himself as “a little addicted” to Jasmine’s predictions. “I asked her about my love life. She told me several times I was going to meet girls, and it happened just as she had told me. Suddenly, I felt so comfortable that I rushed things. Be careful. Even if a prediction comes true, you still have your free will and can miss or pass the right moment”

Jasmine speaks quickly, without stopping, her dark eyes scanning her visitor. She suddenly stopped to ask if there are any pictures. Husband, wife, children or tyrannical leader … Anyone on which we would like to “find out more”. Michelle, 47, head of communications in an art gallery, brought the one of her lover, a married man with whom she had a relationship for several years. “Thanks to Jasmine if I am still with him, she said. She assured me that it was a good person, he was very in love with me, and would soon divorce.”

‘Fog’. News are not always so encouraging. “Jasmine told me that my husband had a mistress for several years, says Sylvie, 48, a housewife. It opened my eyes and now she helps me in my divorce. “I do not always announce bad news. I wait to see if the person is strong enough to support them. “Sarah, 54, in charge of sponsorship in a large company insists: “She wants to know about difficult times to come.” “It makes things easier to handle. Jasmine told me about the death of my father, and, I was able to prepare myself.”

Sometimes Jasmine does not see through someone” It happens especially when people are too stressed. Stress shields. “In these cases, she does not insist. “People expect a lot of me. They come to see me on the eve of major financial transactions, whether they are buying a home or leaving a partner. I can not afford to invent.”

7pm. Jasmine finishes her last session. Her schedule for the evening: dinner with friends, “for some futility.” Provided she does not end up sitting in front of someone ironic asking what she sees in her crystal ball. “Clairvoyance is no more hidden or shameful as in the past. But there will always be people looking at you as if you were ‘Madame Irma’.”

(1) The names have been changed.


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