Guide de la Voyance 2002


“Go see Jasmine. She is kind and grounded” a friend told me. So I called Jasmine for an appointment. But she was not able to see me before returning for a trip in a month. Directly: “You have a problem. Allow me, If you want, to bring you an answer to your question right away . “Without physical support (card or crystal), solely on the vibration of my voice, she responded precisely to the problem that was bothering me. Months have passed, and I have fallen behind in writing this guide. Meanwhile, Jasmine was back. I made ​​an appointment face to face at her office, and there I was just dazzled. Jasmine leaves me hardly any time to sit in front of her that she already started. She handles her cards without looking at them and depicts my professional life and relationships with great detail and depth. I’m speechless. She gave me an outline of my future that came true in the following days for some of the events. I sent her friends, everyone was captivated by her gift and class.

One of my great discoveries.
Anne Placier.