Cosmopolitan 2002


«She has a unique gift. That’s impressive. She perfectly described my stalled work situation, my now smooth personal life after some ups and downs. she was a bit pessimistic about relationships, but she did really great overall.»


«She’s amazing, rather cool at first, but impactful. With a picture, she perfectly described my friend, and even my ex-friend. She portrayed the latest as violent and vain, having problems with the justice system, This is unfortunately the reality. She told me that my sister Catherine was having health problems, and was depressed again, She is right again. She described a positive professional future for myself.»

«As Danielle, she was excellent to depict my personality and my daily life. She told me I will change schools, and that is true, I am taking actions in this direction. She told me that I should do more and I think she’s right. About my husband, she told me he was stingy, that’s right. So I believe her predictions for my future.»

«I found her a bit strange, but talented. Everything she told me about my life, my job, my family was relevant. My current life is on rails, so there are no surprises, however she can certainly help someone to find solutions in a time of crisis, she is an excellent  listener.»

«She is the clairvoyant one would imagine in a novel, she has this mysterious side, almost disturbing. But she is very talented, that’s obvious. She depicted my personal life in precise terms, I will not expand on it. On the professional side, she was good, but not as precise, however, I did not have pictures, and she was not able to rely on faces.»

Cosmopolitan Novembre 2002

Cosmopolitan Novembre 2002