Readers Digest 2003



“Relax a bit, I feel like a wall in front of me. I see quite a revival in early 2004 I see meetings, interviews, I see folders around you. With responsibilities. This is excellent. […] Over the past year, it has been difficult in your business. Things are stalled. But your career is at a crossroad. […] I can be wrong about the timing. In about three months I see an international promotion. […] You look stressed! You must try to move… Did you asked your management? I would make the request if I was you […] Are you dealing with London? Because London acknowledges your work. This is a certainty. […] You need to position yourself. Your career evolution goes through London. But it is not easy for your family. “


“Ah! Look at the cards! Your wife is waiting at home and asks you to be more present. But I see no divorce, […] You are stressing your couple because of your work. You will be living in Paris, doing trips to England. There is going to be a change in your life. It is time to step forward. It is your turn! Okay, are you are less stressed? “

Readers Digest

Readers Digest